In the realm of bespoke, there are no limits to imagination, no boundaries to beauty


step one

Initial Consultation

Our initial phone consultation marks the beginning of the journey to create your unique and customised piece of jewellery. Here, we uncover your story and aspirations, determining the essence to be captured in your bespoke creation. Dream big! There are no limits to what we can do.

We’ll discuss your general design preferences and budget and answer any questions you may have. If you’re planning a surprise engagement, rest assured that we specialise in assisting uncertain partners in making well-informed decisions!

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step two

Design Consultation

Collaborating to find your style

For inspiration, browse our online collections, bring images of jewellery you admire or rely on our expertise. You’ll work closely with our bespoke designer Kara or head of design Talitha to establish exactly how you’d like the final piece to look. Here we pay close attention to factors such as budget, stone type, shape, size, and colour, ensuring every intricate detail is considered and perfected.

Typically lasting around 30 minutes, this session serves as an opportunity to acquaint you with the fundamentals of the 4 C’s in diamond selection, as well as other crucial diamond details. Note: this second consultation can be done via phone, Zoom or face to face.

step three

Design Review

A 3D computerised model of your special piece

After collaborating on the design, we use advanced software to generate a realistic 3D model, providing you with a comprehensive visual representation of your unique piece from different perspectives. This allows you to thoroughly evaluate the design and make any desired modifications or refinements before the production phase begins.

step four

Highly Skilled Sourcing

Sourcing the finest and most exquisite gems

With an expert eye honed by years of travelling to diamond hubs around the world, Craig possesses a wealth of expertise to handpick the most exceptional gems from the vast array available on the international market.

Ensuring both extraordinary quality and the perfect size to align with your budget, we will hand select a range of lab diamonds exclusively for you to choose from. 

All diamonds we source come with independent certification and a unique laser inscription on the girdle ensuring the stone is the one described.

step five

Meticulous craftsmanship

Breathing life into your unique vision

Your vision will be meticulously handcrafted by our talented team of jewellers in Sydney, Australia - ensuring exceptional quality. We have more than 50 years experience in bespoke jewellery creation so you can be confident your special piece will last for generations.

Production will commence following a 30% deposit. Allow 5-6 weeks for the creation of your special piece, depending on the complexity, so we can ensure your ring is absolutely perfect! Please speak to our team for other options if you require the jewellery in a shorter time frame.

step six

Client Handover

Seeing a bespoke creation come to life is exciting!

Seeing the smiles on our clients’ faces is the ultimate satisfaction. When your custom made piece of jewellery is ready and the balance has been paid, it’s time to be united with your creation. You can collect your jewellery in person from our Paddington, Sydney showroom or we can arrange delivery anywhere in the world.

We recommend having your jewellery cleaned and gemstones checked annually. We offer this service free to our clients so please do email us if you live locally or look at our Jewellery Care page to learn more. Proper maintenance and care of your fine jewellery will ensure it will last for generations to come.

  • Jewellery is more than an art form. It becomes part of our being - a symbol that sits with us and bears witness to all of our life’s events. Co-creating personalised jewellery, turning someone’s story into an exquisite piece, is a truly meaningful experience.”

    talitha cummins, design director

Bespoke process faq

Can Your Designs Be Customised?

If a design from our collection catches your eye but you prefer a different combination of metal and gemstone, we can make it to order.  We will source a variety of diamonds or gemstones, allowing you to choose. We can make any adjustments to existing rings, including metal colour, stone types and sizes - let your imagination run wild!  Send us an email to being the process. 

How Long Does A Custom Ring Take To Make?

Depending on the complexity of the design, our custom made engagement rings and design rings typically take between 5-6 weeks. If you require your ring in a shorter time frame, please notify us immediately and we can help find a solution.

Can You Recreate Existing Designs?

In our 50 years of jewellery creating experience we have designed nearly everything you can imagine. We can replicate any jewellery piece, no matter how intricate the design may be. If you have a picture of a piece you would like recreated, please let us know during the initial consultation process and we can work together to do this.

Do You Remake Or Remodel Old Jewellery?

Yes, we’re specialists at breathing new life into old jewellery. Inherited jewellery is often locked away in a closet, filled with the memory of a loved one, but not worn because it’s not to our taste. We can help you use your existing gold and gemstones in a new way, to create new memories and meaning. The price of remaking an old ring starts at $2500. Please email us to inquire. 

Where Are Your Pieces Made?

All of our bespoke pieces are proudly Australian made by some of the country’s most talented jewellers in Sydney and Melbourne.  All pieces are subject to quality inspection by Craig - a 50 year veteran of the industry - prior to you receiving them. 

What Is The Cost Of A Bespoke Ring?

Our custom made engagement rings start at $3500.

Is A Deposit Required?

Yes, a 30% deposit is required before your special piece is created.