Has Your Diamond Been Screened For BGM?

Has Your Diamond Been Screened For BGM?

If you’re buying a diamond and you’ve done your research, you’re probably aware that the 4 C’s: Colour, Carat, Clarity and Cut are the main things to look out for. But there’s something else you need to check to make sure your diamond doesn’t have an unwelcome colour tone - and it takes a trained eye to identify it.

BGM - stands for brown, green and milky. It means that sometimes a diamond can have a brown green undertone or milky opaqueness. 

But you won’t read it on a diamond grading report - it’s something to be picked up with a trained eye.  If you see it in person, you could notice coloured hues or a milkiness which impacts the sparkle - and the price - considerably. 

It may be everything you wanted according to the certificate and the 4 C’s - but disappointing when you receive it in person.

At The Cut, all of our diamonds are screened to avoid BGM - we only supply you diamonds which are clear from such imperfections.

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