Size Guide


Ring sizes refer to the different widths or diameters in which rings can be made. Similar to shoe sizes, ring sizes may slightly vary depending on the measurement system used in different countries.

While there are various methods to measure your finger at home, The Cut Jewellery strongly suggests visiting the design studio to have your finger sized or going to a local jeweller for precise measurements. The style and nature of metal in some rings can prevent them from being resized, so it’s essential your finger is measured correctly from the start.


In Australia, ring sizing adheres to a standardised scale using letters, ranging from F to Z. Women's ring sizes commonly fit within three categories: small (I-M), medium (N-Q), and large (R-U). While men's ring sizes generally fall towards the larger end of the scale, there can be exceptions. Each Australian ring size letter corresponds to a specific diameter in millimeters, directly correlating to the width of one's finger. This precise sizing system ensures an accurate fit and provides individuals with an appropriate ring size for maximum comfort and wearability. Our design team can easily convert sizes from other countries.




To ensure an accurate ring size, it is essential to measure your finger properly. Our design team is available to assist you in this process. We use a ring sizer, matching the width of the desired ring, to provide a precise measurement. By experiencing the fit on your finger and receiving personalised assistance, you can guarantee a satisfactory shopping experience that cannot be substituted by any other method.


It all depends on the type of ring, the material and style. That’s why it’s crucial to find the correct ring size initially, as it may not be possible, depending on the design.

Traditional metals like gold and sterling silver can typically be resized, while metals such as titanium and tungsten, known for their extreme hardness, cannot be easily resized. Additionally, rings with diamonds or gemstones set all around the band cannot be resized without removing one or more stones.